2015 Cycle


In 2015 cycle, ISCV proposition is to promote innovation for sustainability from small and medium businesses in the context of large enterprises value chains, focused on distribution and logistics.

Throughout the year, the project activities will explore the following topics:

  • Context, impacts and challenges of distribution processes and logistics in Brazil
  • Innovation to manage economic, social and environmental impacts
  • Distribution and logistics as a way to produce social inclusion opportunities through entrepreneurship and business involving micro, small and large organizations
  • Sustainability as a competitive advantage in distribution chains

Following the same rationale of previous cycles, ISCV thematic cycle in 2015 will be developed from three specific meetings and a call for cases, besides participation in GVces Business Initiatives Annual Forum.


Check out below the activities held by ISCV project in 2015:

ISCV offers workshop for new members (02/25)

Challenges for distribution and logistics in Brazil are discussed in the 1st thematic workshop held by ISCV (03/12)