Working Model


The Innovation and Sustainability in the Value Chain project works with cycles comprising the stages listed below, which feed an online platform. It spans from the methodology used to analyze innovation projects elaborated by small and medium businesses to a project database open for public consultation. 


Cycles of Innovation and Sustainability in the Value Chain

Case Assessment

Recommendation of large enterprises and/or voluntary enrollment of SMBs

Analysis and Selection

Three cases for the innovation workshop, accordint to the topic proposed

Thematic Workshops

- Roundtable on each approach

- Case presentation

- Exchange of experiences among companies

Innovation and Sustainability in the Value Chain

Launch of publication with selected cases

Online Platform

Project Call / Analysis Methodology / Project Database


ISCV seeks to promote changes in the traditional value chain management model, aiming at having a positive influence on small and medium businesses (SMBs) and on solidarity economy enterprises (SEEs). As a consequence, such initiative requires a long-term guideline, with topics broken up into annual cycles, covering the various links in the value chains.

The project agenda, based on this guideline, comprises the following topics:

  • 2012 Topic - Supplier Management: Map of risks and opportunities, supply management diagnosis, and relationship with SMBs 
  • 2013 Topic - Post-Consumer Waste: Waste management, reverse logistics, industrial ecology, power generation from waste, funding, and social inclusion
  • 2014 Topic - Local Economy and Development: Development of local suppliers in the context of large projects aligned to the need of local development 
  • 2015 Topic - Distribution and Logistics: Inclusive business (BOP 2.0) in inbound/outbound logistics activities

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